Soffit and fascia are key components of your roofing system. They protect it against heat, rainwater, debris, storms, pests, etc. However, like all parts of the roof, they deteriorate as they age. Replacing them is usually easier when they start experiencing issues than attempting repairs. 

Here are common warning signs that you need soffit and fascia replacement in the near future. 

Water Buildup in Your Roof

When left unaddressed, pooling water on your roof can result in extensive damage. It can lead to mold, which is unsightly and harmful to your family’s health. Another problem it can cause is rot, which can be expensive to repair. Make sure to regularly inspect your soffit and fascia to determine if they allow water to leak into your roof. 

Insufficient Ventilation

Aside from roof damage protection, soffits and fascia also provide ventilation to your attic. The lack of ventilation in your attic can signify that your soffit and fascia are damaged or blocked. If they have damage, you should immediately have them replaced. Another way to ensure your home has enough ventilation is by installing quality windows. Whether you need energy-efficient windows or new soffit and fascia, Woodbridge is here to help. 

Cracking and Flaking Paint

Cracking or flaking paint in your soffit and fascia can indicate needing to be replaced. Don’t delay their replacement because it can cause water to penetrate your home and lead to mold. They can also reduce your curb appeal when not addressed immediately. 

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