Water may seem harmless but when it enters your home’s structure, it can cause you big problems that come with significant costs. Effects of water damage include rotting, mold formation and it also puts you at risk of serious health problems.

In this post, your trusted window installers from Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares some home improvements that can increase your home’s defense against water damage.

Replace Damaged Siding 

Severely damaged siding should be replaced to prevent water from seeping into your interior. It’s important to waterproof your siding to avoid moisture penetration. Moisture-proofing should be done before your new siding is installed to create a barrier between the siding and the wall.

Properly Seal Windows

Windows are leak-prone so make sure to check if they are properly sealed. Water can enter in the spaces around the window. Invest in high-quality replacement windows like Woodbridge Classic to make sure your home is protected against water damage. These windows are low maintenance, damage-resistant and comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re noticing signs of water damage on your interior wall, it could be due to water making their way from the cracks in your exterior walls. Siding and exterior paint should be maintained to avoid leaks.

Check your exterior walls for holes, rot and warping. Early detection can prevent major repair costs. Common siding like aluminum, wood, stucco and cedar have to be painted to protect them against rain and snow.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters that are filled with debris or not angled correctly will cause water to run on the side of your home. Moisture can build up and result in a weaker foundation. You can hire professionals to clean your gutters if they are too high up.

Talk to a Reliable Contractor

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