corner window treatments

Corner windows are great because they are effective at harnessing natural light for illumination, letting in sunlight from two different angles. It’s always a good thing to have a lot of natural light from a window replacement but what if you also want to enjoy the shade when needed? That’s where window treatments for corner windows come in.

Here are some design ideas you can consider:

Matching Game

Ideal for private spaces like bedrooms, matching multilayered window treatments allows you to define window portions, offering better control over what you open or not depending on your needs and preferences.

Get Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are great for replacement windows if you don’t really want to block off natural light but do want a little bit more privacy. As they still let in light, they can help keep a room from feeling stuffy even when the window treatments are closed.

Take It to the Top

Got larger windows that meet at a corner? Top treatments that repeat, such as tassels and loops on valances, can help smooth the turn. Want to use your corner window as a focal point? You can draw attention to it by using top treatments in bold colors.

Keep It Simple

For smaller windows, like two casement windows paired at a corner, you keep things simple with some blinds. To help tie together the room’s overall look, pick out blinds that complement your interior color scheme.

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