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You deserve to have a beautiful space for sleeping – one full of beautiful natural light during the day and a cozy place to escape to each night. We want to help you create this perfect personal space by helping you choose the best bedroom window styles – and you’ll find easy-to-clean double-hung windows at the top of our list!

Bedroom Window Styles for Your Personal Space

New windows can reduce drafts and exterior noises from entering your home. They also improve your home’s security and will beautify your space. So, if you need to improve your sleep, consider creating a comfortable, relaxing environment with one of these bedroom window styles.

Double hung windows

Double-hung windows are the most common window style for bedrooms. Here’s why:

Double-hung windows open from the top or the bottom. You’ll love this unique feature if you need airflow to sleep at night as warm air will be forced out of the top, and fresh air will come in through the bottom. 

double hung windows

Double-hung windows can be locked while in “vent mode,” meaning you can enjoy a fresh breeze while maintaining a secure environment. 

Are you looking for windows that are easy to clean – especially on the top floor of your house? Then, you’ll find no better product than double-hung windows. 

Finally, this style of window offers a bit more privacy than others. Mullions standard in double hung windows can slightly block the view of someone looking inside your house. 

If it is essential that your bedroom windows provide ventilation and are easy to clean, consider the ever-popular double-hung windows. 

Casement windows

Casement windows have hinges on one side and open in or out with a hand crank. While this window style is popular above kitchen sinks, it can also be used in other rooms. Here are some of the benefits of installing a casement window in a bedroom:

Casement windows create an airtight seal. So if having energy-efficient windows is important to you, consider casement windows. The only other types of windows with a tighter seal are picture windows, which can’t open.

If you enjoy an occasional fresh breeze, casement windows can be designed to open inward or outward. Of course, you can control the opening size with the hand crank. 

3 panel casement windows

Your houseplants will love how your casement windows let in more natural light than other types of windows. And with casement windows, there’s little to block your view of the outdoors.

If sunlight and unencumbered views are important to you, consider purchasing casement windows for your bedroom.

Bay or bow windows

Who said that bay and bow windows were only for living rooms and dining rooms? We love the idea of creating a beautiful window seat in a bedroom!

Your bay or bow window can be fully customizable. Add an interesting architectural element to your home by adding a bay or bow window to your bedroom.

Quality Installation is Key!

Whether you decide on double-hung, casement, or bay windows for your bedroom, it’s important to purchase quality products with expert installation. You can get both from Woodbridge Home Solutions. Woodbridge Home Solutions has a full line of window products available. We will help you select the perfect bedroom windows for your situation, and we will install the windows so they’ll be fully operable for years. 

You’ll love your new bedroom windows installed by Woodbridge Home Solutions. Are you shopping for new windows in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas? Then contact us today by filling out the form on our website.

Bedroom Window Styles to Consider

  • Double-hung windows are a popular choice for bedroom windows. However, several window styles would work.
  • Double-hung windows allow you to let in fresh air and offer added privacy.
  • Casement windows let in a lot of natural light while offering increased energy efficiency.
  • Bay and bow windows will help you create a beautiful, unique space.
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