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Door malfunctions are quite a hassle. Problems such as sticking or not staying latched can make entry and exit a chore, especially if you carry something. The door frame is sometimes to blame for such issues, and it takes more than just sanding it down to make it work again.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, one of the top local window, door, and siding companies in Wichita, KS, discusses the most common door frame issues and how to fix them.


This door issue is caused by the frame settling or due to an out-of-plumb hinge jamb. Installing a shim under the top hinge will fix the problem if the bind is located under the bottom hinge. A door hinge jamb that is not plumb must be shimmed under any hinge, allowing the door’s edge to hang vertically.


Squeaks you can hear while opening or closing the door can be annoying, and you should consider getting rid of them right away. Fortunately, this problem is easy to remedy. Oiling the hinges of the door is enough. You can close the door, pull the pins out of the hinges, apply them with oil and wipe.


Siding replacement pros all know too well the problem of warping in many types of siding. The same problem can also be apparent on your entry door, especially if it is made of wood. The presence of moisture compromises the structural integrity of the frame, leading to a distorted frame surface and the potential spread of mold and rot. Rather than have it fixed, consider replacement instead.


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