There are only a few notable patio door styles: French doors, sliding doors, and folding doors. On paper, it sounds too simple and restricting. But factor in the number of customization options such as material, frame color and accessories such as grilles and hardware, and you have infinitely unique patio doors to choose from.


Patio door design ideas to get you started:

  1. Transom Windows and Sidelights – Let more sunlight into your home by incorporating transom windows and sidelights into the patio doors. The additional glass makes the home look bigger and more inviting, without worrying about the potential increase in door weight (if bigger sashes are chosen). Choose patio doors with low-emissivity (Low E) glass, so you can enjoy lots of natural light without the effects of unwanted UV and infrared rays.

  1. Convert Existing Windows Into Patio Doors – A yard-facing wall lined with windows can be made more beautiful by opening it up and replacing the windows with a patio door. A capable contractor like us can do this without compromising the structural supports. This is an opportunity to completely redesign that area of your home. Thanks to various customization options, you can choose patio doors that match the rest of your home.

  1. Different Interior and Exterior Frame Colors – Today’s patio doors can be customized to the extent that you can choose different interior and exterior colors or finishes. It lets you match existing and exterior color palettes. It’s even better if you are planning a full interior remodel, as it gives you more latitude with your color selection.

  1. Same or Similar Floor Material – Choosing the same or similar floor material for the patio and the connecting indoor floor space creates a seamless transition. Instead of looking like two smaller living areas, it will look like a large one separated by glass. This effect is better achieved with French doors, as there won’t be a track to separate these areas.

  1. Unintrusive Grille Designs – Certain home styles dictate a specific grille design, which can be intrusive if you want a patio door that you can appreciate a view with. Most of today’s home windows and patio doors have detachable grilles, and there are styles that cover a small portion of the top or the sides. You can have patio doors that match these grille designs for a consistent look.

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