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Buying replacement windows for your home gives you a golden opportunity to update to more modern windows. But what does that mean? 

Here are some characteristics of modern-style windows and doors.

What is Considered Modern Windows (and Doors)?

“Simplicity” is a keyword that describes modern window design. But what does “simplicity” mean regarding windows and entry doors? Here’s how to achieve a modern feel as you complete your window replacement project.

Natural light is “in.”

As you look at contemporary homes, you will see that designers work hard to create opportunities to bring in as much natural light as possible. 

For example, you will see more floor-to-ceiling windows in modern homes. Is this not a possibility for your space? How about adding a stationary window in a traditionally dark location, such as a small bathroom, hallway, or entryway? Not only can this help make your space seem larger than it is, but plant parents love how the additional sunlight creates more opportunities to grow monstera and orchids.

Modern windows and patio doors have clean lines.

One easy way to modernize your traditional homes is to rethink your window grid pattern. While double-hung windows often have a 6/6 colonial-style grid glass, you might consider less obstruction and opt for a 4/4 grid design. 

modern windows and doors

Additionally, minimalist frames are popular – if you are daring, you might choose frames in dark colors. (We love the look of black patio doors too!)

Consider corner windows for a more modern look.

One part of contemporary style is the attempt to bring as much of the outdoors inside the home. One way to achieve this “indoor-outdoor” living is to add corner windows to a room. This exceptional detail would be perfect for creating a focal point from interior and exterior perspectives.

Casement windows have a new look and feel.

Casement windows certainly aren’t new. However, this type of window isn’t just found above the kitchen sink. Modern casement windows have minimalist hardware and are sometimes paired with awning windows in contemporary design. 

Key Takeaways

  • Are you looking for a way to modernize your traditional home? Look at modern windows and door guides for inspiration.
  • Contemporary windows let in as much natural light as possible. 
  • Modern windows and doors are large, free from obstruction, and have narrow frames and simple hardware. 

Make Your Home More Modern With New Vinyl Replacement Windows

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