There is a timeless appeal that often comes with wooden entry and patio doors that makes them the default material for many homeowners. It’s true that the natural wood grain textures certainly tie smoothly with traditional and classic homes. Unfortunately, wood can be a problematic material overall. It requires plenty of maintenance and can be prone to moisture damage.

Wood is a porous material. This allows water vapor to seep through its molecules and cause problems over time. Treating wood is one way to address this weakness, but treatments require constant attention to be effective. Let our experts at Woodbridge Home Exteriors show you a few solutions to get around this common issue.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

You might have noticed your windows and doors can get stuck during rainy seasons as if they’ve grown a few sizes bigger than they usually are. It’s not your imagination. Wooden doors and windows can absorb moisture during high humidity seasons which can literally make them bigger. The changes are small enough to be unnoticeable but big enough to affect how you use your doors.

Quick Solutions

You can reduce the effects of this on your doors by regulating the humidity levels in your home. You can open windows to allow for better indoor air circulation or you can install a dehumidifier alongside your HVAC system. While these can keep the door swelling at bay, they are merely temporary solutions.

Finding a Better Alternative

You can get rid of seasonal affective disorder on your exterior doors for good by switching to a better material such as steel doors. Steel doors do not necessarily resemble brutalist designs. Modern steel doors are often finished to have the same aesthetic value as a classic wooden door, only without the door swelling problems.

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