Nobody likes the cost and inconvenience that come with window replacement, but sometimes the expense and the work are necessary. Keeping aging units that beg for replacement does more harm than good.

6 Signs That You Need New Windows Soon

Warning signs that you may need to buy replacement windows:

Structural Damage

Wood window systems with rotten frames should be replaced as soon as possible. They can be a security liability. The gaps created by the damaged frames leak conditioned air out, which can be an energy drain.

Poor Insulation

Speaking of wasting energy, single-pane units shouldn’t have a place anymore in American households. They offer little or no resistance to heat transfer, causing your HVAC equipment to run more frequently as your home’s indoor temperature keeps fluctuating.

Interior Condensation

Your double-pane windows filled with insulating gas are working efficiently if you don’t see them “sweating” inside. Condensation occurring on the interior surface of the panes signals seal failure and insulating gas leakage.

Excessive Draftiness

Woodbridge Home Exteriors knows that all operating units allow some level of air infiltration even when flawlessly installed. However, you shouldn’t feel drafts coming in when they’re closed. Noticeable cases of draftiness are likely a consequence of structural damage or bad installation.

Demanding Maintenance

One of the unique benefits of getting new windows is eliminating the need for periodic scraping and painting. Modern products, especially those framed with vinyl, maintain their finish for long periods.

Minimal Daylighting

The downside of tinting the window glass goes beyond limited views. The reflective film can restrict the entry of visible light, robbing your rooms of free illumination. Energy-efficient units have low-E coatings that block the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet rays but let the sunshine in at the same time.

Don’t procrastinate on a necessary window replacement. Our replacement windows can enhance the way your home looks and works in no time. Call Woodbridge Home Exteriors at (972) 217-7585 in Lubbock or Fort Worth, or (316) 226-8011 in Wichita, KS, and get your free estimate.