You have made the investment in a new entrance door for your home. The exterior doors of a home are important for a number of reasons. The door is a basic security feature preventing unauthorized entrance to the home. At the same time, most people want an entrance that is stylish and fits with the overall decor of the home. This is especially true of the front entrance that is visible from the street and is often the point where visitors make their first impression of the home and homeowner.

Some routine maintenance, along with proper cleaning, can extend the life of the door and keep it looking good for years. It also prevents problems that could impact the security of the door. Maintaining the door is almost always more cost effective than replacement.

Entry Door Routine Maintenance

Check the doors over and do any routine maintenance at least twice a year. Some homeowners choose to do this in the spring and fall but it can also be timed to any other cycle of home maintenance. Spring cleaning will remove any dirt accumulations from the winter months while fall maintenance can concentrate on preparations for the upcoming cold weather. Pay particular attention to doors that are most exposed to the weather and sunlight. Check every entrance door, even those that are not commonly used.

Start by wiping down the surface of the door removing any dust or grime that may have accumulated. Warm water and mild soap are commonly sufficient as a cleaner. If you need further help with your door, please don’t hesitate to call Woodbridge and we will assist with your door maintenance needs.

Routine Maintenance for Entry Door Locks

Most of the maintenance requirements of an entrance door can be met by a capable do-it-yourselfer with the proper tools and knowledge. Major problems, such as replacing locks or damaged windows within the door, may be covered under your Woodbridge lifetime warranty. Please refer to your warranty brochure. If you have any questions about the care and maintenance of your entry doors, please don’t hesitate to contact Woodbridge!