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American Craftsman homes were built in response to the Arts and Crafts movement, highlighting functionality and making popular styles accessible to homeowners looking for high-quality properties that are well laid out. To make the most of getting new siding or replacement windows then, you have to make sure that your choices complement the home style.

Ideal Material

The key to making the most of siding for American Craftsman homes is to ensure you are staying as true as possible to the original architectural style. This means replicating the look of or using styles similar to what American Craftsman home plans typically have. Insulated vinyl siding is great for this home style because it can mimic wood, which was commonly used in both the exterior and interior of American Craftsman homes. As a bonus, insulated vinyl siding lets you enjoy the beauty of natural wood grain without the tedious upkeep. 

Color Choices

American Craftsman homes draw on a very specific color palette that is often inspired by nature. Fortunately, insulated vinyl siding comes in a range of choices, allowing you to pick out what will suit your home the most. What’s even better is that siding options from siding and window installer Woodbridge Home Exteriors are factory-primed, with pigment incorporated into the siding material and a protective polymer coating added to ensure your siding color lasts.

Some of the color combinations you can consider include:

  • Moss green and white

  • Light blue and warm woods

  • White and dark gray

  • Cream and blue

  • Navy blue and white

  • Black and natural wood

  • Light green and white

Ready to Get New Siding for Your American Craftsman Home?

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