installing plaque on vinyl siding

Vinyl siding has many advantages; durability, extensive color options, and our lifetime transferable warranty.

However, it also has the disadvantage of being difficult to decorate or modify. Drilling into vinyl siding damages the material and can allow moisture to collect between the siding and the exterior wall, leading to potential mold damage or insect infestations.

To install an address plaque on vinyl siding, use special siding hooks designed for the job. You can use more of the same hooks to install holiday decorations, window boxes, and anything else you want to hang outside your home.

Step 1

Select vinyl siding hooks with holes drilled through them for screws or bolts. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure they can support the weight of your address plaque.

Step 2

Press the insertion end of a hook up into the crack between one vinyl slat and the one above it. Tilt the hook from side to side, maneuvering it under the top slat, until you feel it click over the top edge of the bottom slat.

Step 3

Wiggle one or two additional hooks into the siding the same way. Use as many hooks as there are bolt or screw holes on the top edge of the address plaque, and space the hooks at the same intervals as the holes on the plaque.

Step 4

Hold the address plaque up to the hooks and check the alignment, making sure the screw holes on the plaque match the holes on the hooks. Adjust the hooks as necessary.

Step 5

Insert screws or bolts into the holes, fastening the plaque to the hooks. When there is space between the plaque and the siding, screw nuts onto the screws or bolts in the rear of the plaque to secure it in place.

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