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When you’re planning a home improvement project, whether you’re getting vinyl siding or need window replacement, you’re going to encounter quotes and estimates, both of which can help you determine whether or not to hire a particular contractor. But what are they and how do they differ exactly?

Defining Quotes and Estimates

Quotes are very detailed, outlining all aspects of your project in one document. Once they are signed, they become contracts. Estimates, on the other hand, are, as their name suggests, rough estimates of how a project will cost. Typically, actual project costs end up more or less within 10% to 15% of the estimated price.

Whether you get a quote or estimate, keep in mind that they are not obligations for you to work with a contractor. Only when a quote is signed and all terms are agreed upon by both customer and contractor should a home improvement project move forward.

Factors That May Affect Quotes and Estimates

Quotes and estimates will vary from contractor to contractor but they should be as detailed as possible, with information presented in a clear manner. They will also be affected by the same factors, which include:

  • Material options

  • The size of your home

  • The extent of your project

  • Warranties offered

  • Contractor insurance

  • Contractor experience

If you’re doing a siding replacement project, for instance, your choice of siding material and how much siding you’ll be needing should be reflected in your quote or estimate.

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