Consumers have relied on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to differentiate the good home improvement contractors from the bad. Among other primary factors, it is important to highly consider the opinion of the BBB in making an informed decision.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, a leading local contractor, specializing in window and patio doors installation, shares the key areas the BBB considers when sizing companies up.


States require competency licensing for a particular trade. With that in mind, the BBB ensures a certain business is given the green light to operate within the local setting. It is done to ensure the company’s proficiency in doing work properly per the rules set forth by the local government.


The BBB is specific regarding a company’s time in business. Siding and windows contractors with a good reputation get to continue their operations under the same brand name. Those that aren’t going out of business in less than five years. Those with high BBB ratings tend to fall on the former, and most of the time, their longevity speaks of their integrity.


The BBB considers it a red flag if companies are not transparent with their practices. For the organization, it is not a good look when contractors don’t provide complete information about their products and services. This results in the BBB lowering its ratings.


One of the many roles of the BBB involves monitoring consumer complaints and seeing how businesses can handle them. The number of complaints filed and the actions taken, including responding to complaints and resolving them, are one of the many factors BBB considers when rating companies.

As a contractor with an A-plus rating from the BBB, you can be sure Woodbridge Home Solutions will provide you excellent services. Whether you are in need of windows, siding, or exterior doors, expect us to display professionalism, drawing from our industry experience and top-notch customer service in giving you the best home improvement experience possible.

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