There’s a certain attraction to taking the DIY route regarding home improvements, given the wealth of how-tos you can find online. But there are certain projects that, as many homeowners found to their regret, are best left to professionals. Siding installation contractor Woodbridge Home Solutions takes a look at such projects.

Roof Installation

Roofing systems are complicated structures, that to install a complete one from the roof deck up, let alone build a complete roofing structure, requires practical experience and detailed knowledge of how a roof works. A roofing system is more than just planes of roofing material and flashing. Factors such as ventilation, as well as the relationship between slope and material, should be considered.

DIY roof installation also involves a great deal of risk. Siding replacement companies like Woodbridge have installers who underwent safety training, are equipped with safety equipment at all times, and have workers’ compensation coverage if anything goes awry. There’s also the matter of warranty coverage. You’d have factory warranty coverage at best, but should problems arise from installation errors, you’d be on your own.

Deck Installation

You may already have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of videos that touch on how you can install a DIY deck. These instructions fail to highlight that building a deck requires a great deal of planning. You’d be essentially building a level platform on likely uneven ground. The bigger the deck, the more likely you’ll have problems related to structural issues. On the other hand, professionals have the skills and equipment to ensure proper deck installations.

Home Additions

Home additions such as sunrooms and garage conversions can be more complicated than typical exterior remodeling. Some of the most common reasons DIY home additions fail are non-compliance with building codes and basic structural issues. These would not have been problems in the first place had they been done by professional remodelers.

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