replace windows and siding at same time

Planning a top-to-bottom renovation can be tricky. You have to work closely with your contractor to know what areas of your home should be prioritized. This is especially useful when you can’t do the full remodeling job in one go. However, there are instances when it’s more time-efficient and cost-effective to carry out multiple jobs at the same time.

For instance, windows and siding often go hand in hand. This allows the contractor to properly set the capping around the window before installing the siding.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, one of the most trusted window and siding companies in the area, discusses in detail why siding and window installation is best done simultaneously.

Why You Should Carry out Window and Siding Installation at the Same Time

Experts recommend performing these two jobs together because of window capping. Capping a window is essential because it helps direct water away from the window frame and interior walls. This moisture barrier is typically located beneath the window frame and extends below the siding. Due to its placement, it’s best to cap the window before installing the siding. Otherwise, your contractor may need to cut into your siding to put the barrier in place.

new windows and siding

If you do the siding installation first, there’s a chance that the old capping will be damaged. Your installer would likely suggest recapping your windows right away. And when you finally replace your windows, the capping will have to be redone — which means you’ll be paying twice for the service.

Working on a Limited Budget

Considering the circumstances mentioned above, it’s easy to conclude that working on your windows and siding separately is not cost-effective. However, the cost of replacing them together can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s a significant amount of money. So if your budget can afford only one of them, prioritize your windows. Contractors typically add the new windows before installing the siding, so at least you’re following the order in which professionals carry out tasks. But of course, if your siding is already in bad condition and requires immediate attention, then get that done first.

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