Soffit is the material that covers the space between the top of the exterior walls and the roof eaves. It’s made of wood or vinyl, similar to what’s used in building replacement windows. In addition to protecting these spaces from intrusion by dirt, debris, and small animals, they also facilitate attic ventilation. There are common problems in these areas that you should keep an eye out for, and which Woodbridge Home Solutions lists below:

Improper Installation

Soffits look like their simple installations. However, in the hands of an unskilled installer, you may end up with improperly installed soffits. Incorrectly spaced soffits may be vulnerable to wind damage, or if the soffits are spaced too closely, they may not allow enough air to facilitate attic ventilation.

Moisture Damage

Without proper care and maintenance, wooden soffits are vulnerable to the effects of moisture intrusion, being located close to the gutters. Since these components are close together, make it a point to include both soffit and fascia when you clean the gutters. If you notice blisters, cracks, or peeling, scrape and repaint them as soon as you can. Consider investing in vinyl soffits to minimize such maintenance work, and reduce the chances of moisture damage spreading to your patio doors and exterior areas.

Dry Rot

Dry rot occurs not because of moisture damage, but because of a certain fungus that thrives on wood fiber. While dry rot is more common in wood siding, the same fungus may spread to the soffit. Check for dry rot by taking a large screwdriver and tapping the soffit gently but firmly. If pieces fall out, the soffit may already require replacement.

Animal Intrusion

Birds and other small animals may gain access to the attic through the soffits and form nests there. This is one other reason you should make sure the soffits are properly installed. Proper spacing can prevent small animals from gaining access without sacrificing attic ventilation.

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