steel entry doors

Entry doors are one of the first things a guest will see in your home. Installing a steel entry door reflects the character of the owners of the house. Steel doors are secure, energy efficient, and act as a centerpiece or a focus of the exterior design, tying everything from the windows, the siding, and the roof together.

Not many people, however, realize that entry doors also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Woodbridge Home Solutions, your replacement windows and doors expert, aims to enlighten you about their benefits in terms of your energy consumption.

Minimize Leaks

Air leaks can cost your home up to 30 percent additional energy consumption. This is why you should mind the gaps in your home’s energy envelope, including your attic, windows, and doors.

You can’t go wrong with a steel door when you want an airtight door. Its weight allows it to be precisely flush with the wall and the floor when closed.

Energy-Efficient Construction

We have painstaking attention to detail, whether for our doors or replacement windows. Our steel entry doors are built for durability and energy efficiency. We use a 20-gauge steel construction, which makes our doors consist of 49 percent galvanized steel than other 24-gauge steel doors. As a result, they’re stronger than their competitors.

energy efficient steel door

We also employ a combination of components like foam filling and thermal barriers to reduce heat transfer. With composite endcaps on the top and bottom, our steel entry doors are more effective than their closest contemporary.

Pay for Themselves in the Long Run

Not that you know that steel entry doors are energy-efficient, but you should know that they also require little maintenance. Their strength and durability belie their cost, as they’re even less expensive than wood entry doors. Plus, unlike doors made of wood or other materials, you don’t have to maintain them regularly, which makes owning them cost-effective.

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