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Fiberglass vs steel entry doors? Both steel doors and fiberglass doors are easy to maintain and create a beautiful entryway into your home. So how do you choose between the two materials? Here’s what you need to know about steel and fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass Doors

fiberglass entry door

Fiberglass entry doors are popular among homeowners because they offer beauty, endurance, and energy efficiency – without the added pain of regular maintenance.

Beauty: Fiberglass doors closely mimic wood doors and are a fantastic way to improve your home’s curb appeal. They come in various wood grain textures like oak, cherry, mahogany, and fir, as well as a variety of stain and paint colors.

Additionally, homeowners can personalize their new front door by selecting a decorative door glass option. You’ll love the look of your new door when you choose a custom design.

Endurance: Fiberglass doors are relatively maintenance-free. Unlike wood doors, fiberglass doors do not shrink or warp – making them ideal for wet climates or those with temperature extremes.

Energy efficiency: Fiberglass entry doors are some of the most energy-efficient doors on the market. They will help you maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home – much better than doors made of wood.

Steel Doors

steel entry door

Steel doors are popular options for commercial property owners and homeowners, as steel doors come in various styles and colors. But, of course, many homeowners choose steel doors because they are the most secure.

Beauty: Like fiberglass doors, steel doors are available in smooth or wood grain textures. Homeowners can select from multiple stain and paint colors and add glass panels to improve their home’s curb appeal and let in more natural light.

Maintenance: Steel doors must be properly primed and painted. Dents and dings can be repaired. While your steel door (or fiberglass door) requires some maintenance, it is not to the extent required by wood doors.

Security: Steel front doors offer the best solution for homeowners concerned with home security. If it is important that your entry door provides a significant layer of defense, consider steel for your door replacement project.

Steel or Fiberglass Doors: Let Our Experts Help You Make the Perfect Choice

Need help deciding whether to choose a steel or fiberglass door? Woodbridge Home Solutions specializes in entry door design and installation.

Your new entry door will be beautiful. You’ll be given many different color and style options. And our design experts will help you select an exterior door that compliments your home’s design.

Whether you select fiberglass or steel doors, Woodbridge’s team of installers will ensure it is installed correctly with thermal barriers, insulating adhesives, and foam filling that will significantly reduce heat loss.

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that your exterior doors will be secure. Woodbridge Home Solutions offers rigid composite lock blocks that reinforce the maximum-security deadbolt of your exterior door.

Are you ready to select a new door for your home? Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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