vinyl siding thermal bridging

The term “thermal bridging” generally refers to the movement of heat across an object that is more conductive than the materials surrounding it. In the context of home insulation, it is characterized by the outlines of framing that are traced on walls and ceilings. In this article, Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local source of vinyl windows and siding, discusses the causes of this occurrence and ways it can be prevented.

Causes of Thermal Bridging

Also known as thermal tracking, thermal bridging occurs when there is a penetration of the building envelope, particularly insulation. It is caused by junctions between the wall and floor or between the wall and roof, holes in the building environment for pipes and cables, window and door reveal, and steel wall ties used in masonry construction.

Because of this, the areas directly beneath the wall and ceiling framing become cooler than other parts. This creates a thin layer of condensation that attracts particles like soot and fine dust and retains them, resulting in stains that become noticeable over time. At this point, these marks can be hard to remove.

Fixing the Problem of Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridging can account for heat loss of up to 30 percent. You must look into certain aspects of your home to prevent this problem. The presence of soot and fine dust that causes those stains is enough to tell you that there is poor indoor air quality. Invest in replacement windows to encourage air circulation by opening them for at least 15 minutes daily. HVAC inspections must be conducted by a professional.

Another thing to address is the insulation problems in your home. Temperature differences between framing and wall can be repaired by a professional. Tackling the insulation issue on the exterior walls can also help boost your home’s energy efficiency. Consider installing insulated vinyl siding for superior performance.

Woodbridge Home Solutions offers our exclusive Woodbridge Classic insulated vinyl siding. It combines durability and energy efficiency with aesthetics, creating a product that will benefit your home in the long term. Our company can also be counted on to install energy-efficient windows and doors.

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