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Unless you are in the exterior remodeling business, you may not be aware of new house siding ideas and trends. This may not matter if you prefer ordinary house siding. However, if you prefer more modern homes – or wish to add decorative siding features to enhance your home’s classic and natural appearance, you should be aware of new siding ideas.

Home siding has come a long way. Here are some ideas on how to give a visual boost to your home.

Exterior New House Siding Ideas

Is it time for a siding project? Consider some of these appealing home exterior trends as you plan your remodeling project.

new home siding

Consider adding contrast to your design.

If you crave a contemporary look, consider using multiple materials when siding your home. But, of course, this bold move is not for everyone – or every home’s architectural style. 

Modern house siding designs may mix traditional lap siding with vertical shiplap in a natural stain – and architectural panels to give the home an even more modern edge.

Are you worried that architectural panels will make your home look too institutional or cold? Ditch that feature and focus on wood-look shiplap siding used as accents around the door and window areas. Consider adding brick to vary the texture and add contrast and color.

Consider board and batten siding if it suits your home’s architectural style. 

If you are doing a full-scale exterior remodel of your home, consider vertical board and batten siding. It’s often found in informal architectural styles such as country homes and beach houses

new house siding ideas

Select a new house siding color.

If you don’t want the same color siding for your home, why not pick something new? Vinyl siding typically comes in a wide variety of colors. Make your siding pop by using an exciting new shade. 

You may consider going dark if you live in a colder climate or in a shady wooded area. Choose a dark gray, blue, or forest green home siding. Of course, those living in hot climates often choose light color exterior siding

Do something different with your trim, front door, or garage door.

Just because you use typical horizontal lap siding in a neutral tone on the exterior walls of your house doesn’t mean that your home has to be boring. Consider doing something bold with the trim. 

Some homeowners elect to pair dark-colored house siding with bold white trim. Others use a similar shade or the same shade on the trim as is used on the house siding. 

Let Woodbridge Home Solutions Help With Your Exterior Remodel Project 

Our designers can’t wait to help you with your exterior remodeling process. We have many decorative options – whether you are a fan of the contemporary look or the traditional look. 

In addition to offering a wide range of colors, our vinyl siding features an attractive wood-grain textured surface. And the pigment is incorporated uniformly throughout the material rather than being painted on – which means it stays beautiful for a more extended period of time.

Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today to pick your siding color. We can’t wait to serve you!

Summary of New Siding Ideas

  • Some designers – especially modern designers – love to play with various types of siding materials. 
  • Some homes look good with board and batten siding designs.
  • Even if you don’t select fancy siding styles, you can still choose a modern, exciting color for your home.
  • Ask designers to make recommendations on what would be an appealing contrast color.
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