questions for contractor references

To be a success, any major home improvement project needs a skilled and dependable contractor. Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or simply changing your exterior doors, you should get to know the business you’re dealing with.

Set aside time to talk to your contractor. If they can provide references, take this opportunity to chat with their past customers. Learning more about a contractor from another customer’s perspective is helpful.

In this article, Woodbridge Home Solutions, a top-rated business specializing in windows and doors, shares a list of questions to ask your contractor’s references.

Did The Contractor Provide Adequate Information on the Materials, Cost and Warranties?

Find out if the contractor willingly provided details about the materials used for the project. Having this kind of information will empower you as a customer. It will help you avoid circumstances where the contractor can potentially cut corners to get more profit.

Also, ask about the other customers’ experience with the warranties provided. Was the warranty policy properly explained to them? Was the process for claiming warranties hassle-free?

Did They Go Over the Budget?

It’s not necessarily a bad thing when contractors exceed the estimated cost. However, you should watch out for any pattern of budgeting problems, deliberate or otherwise. Inaccuracies like this can be misleading and it can throw your budget off. So make sure the contractor is honest and reliable when it comes to payments.

Were There Complications or Surprises During the Project?

Inquire about how the contractor handled setbacks as this will give you an idea about their professionalism. Also, find out if the quality of their work passed code inspection and met appropriate regulations.

Did They Show Up on Time?

This can easily give you a glimpse of the contractor’s work ethic. Aside from their punctuality, you should also ask about the workers’ general attitude towards the job.

Would You Hire Them Again?

A customer will have no qualms about rehiring a contractor who could deliver quality results. So if the other customers have reservations or answered point-blank that they won’t hire the contractor again, you might want to keep looking.

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