Wooden doors provide a rustic feel that enhances any traditional home architectural style. They, however, suffer from expansion or swelling, especially during periods of fluctuating temperatures and changes in weather extremes.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, your local door and window replacement experts, discusses the reasons behind this common problem homeowners face and ways to prevent it.

A “Seasonal Affective Disorder”

Wood is porous, which means the elements can cause it to expand in humidity and contract upon contact with dry air. The doors’ major wood components may swell further due to the lack of water-repellent finish on the units.

This problem occurs in regions across the country known for having extreme climates almost all year round. These include the humid states in the south—which happen to include our service areas—and the snowy states in the north. Exposure to such conditions can wear down not just on the doors but also on the replacement windows and other exterior components.

Preventing Door Expansion

Swelling can make the door difficult, if not unable, to operate. Inspection is necessary every once in a while to ensure everything is working as intended. When problems of sticking become noticeable, the door must be fixed immediately.

Preventing this issue entirely is also possible. Opening the windows or using a dehumidifier can protect the wooden door by limiting moisture. Applying a new finish would also suffice to ensure protection all throughout.

Another option would be to replace it entirely with a new non-wood one. Woodbridge Home Exteriors offers steel replacement entry doors designed with security, style, and energy efficiency in mind. Our experts will help you choose the right door to match your tastes and needs.

Our company has been fulfilling homeowners’ exterior home improvement needs for over 25 years. We are one of the trusted siding companies in the local area dedicated to helping you reduce energy costs while enhancing your home’s beauty.

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