The soffit is located on the underside of your home’s roof. An integral part of your home’s exterior, it is vented to help with air circulation in your attic. Made of vinyl, wood, or aluminum, it can match your existing siding or could come in a different color depending on your personal tastes.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, one of the top local windows and siding companies, shares how you can choose the right paint color for your home’s soffit. The soffit is the area of your exterior that is located under the eaves of your roof. It’s a great place to add some color and personality to your home, but it’s important to choose the right color before hiring an exterior painting company.

Considering the Fascia’s Color

The soffit goes hand-in-hand with the fascia, another component of your home’s exterior which is the exposed board that can be seen on the front of the roof’s overhang. It is practical to have them both painted the same color. That way, you make your home more aesthetically pleasing, as well as create a distinction between the roof and the walls.

Painting the soffit a different color than the fascia, however, can work as well. Homes with elaborate trim tend to go that route. The key to achieving a beautiful result out of this technique is to not overdo it. A brighter color for the fascia and a less dominant color for the soffit would be enough.

Matching the Exterior Walls

Siding installation pros often choose siding color based on the hues used for the existing elements of the home’s exterior, including the soffit. The same applies when it is the other way around. A uniform color for the soffit, fascia, and siding works well, which means you don’t have to spend time delineating the line between the wall and the soffit.

At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we believe in only using top-quality soffit and fascia for homeowners living in our community. We’re also a proud partner of the Landry Award. We install our Woodbridge Classic line of vinyl siding and trim, which offers benefits such as durability, longevity, and low maintenance.

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