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Entry doors often face harsh weather. As doors are considered the face of your home, a marred, damaged, or unsightly door doesn’t convey a very good look at the home’s inhabitants.

In today’s post, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the area’s top door and siding companies, shares how to care for and clean your entry door—especially one made of steel. 

Inspecting Your Door

The first step in any maintenance procedure is to find out what ails your door. You do this by inspection.

To start a door inspection, check visually for signs of physical damage. Other things to inspect include the weatherstripping and the door hardware, such as the hinges, knobs or latches, and the locking mechanism. If your door has glass panels, condensation between the panes means that the seals are leaking and should be replaced; they can contribute to excessive heating or cooling bills.

Cleaning Your Door

Cleaning a steel entry door (or any door, for that matter) is simple and straightforward. You can easily mix dishwashing soap with water for most cleaning purposes, but if your door has stubborn stains (like scorch marks), you can opt for trisodium phosphate. It’s an all-around cleaner that’s friendly on most surfaces, including vinyl siding, but tough on stains.

When cleaning your door, make sure you catch the dripping solution so they don’t create a mess on your floor or doorstep. Place a rag or newspaper underneath the door when you’re cleaning.

Apply the solution from top to bottom. A spray bottle is excellent for applying the mix evenly. Wipe it down with a sponge when the door has been sprayed thoroughly, then rinse it with plain water on a bucket (not a hose). Dry it with a soft, clean rag afterward.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors is a reliable siding replacement company, but that’s not all we do. We also install, maintain, and repair your doors and windows. You can reach us at (316) 683-2400. 

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