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A replacement window can be critical to updating your home for increased energy efficiency and property value.

For expert window installation of some of the highest quality windows available, turn to Woodbridge Home Solutions.

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We are proud to offer our exclusive Woodbridge Classic product line of energy-efficient windows, carefully crafted right here in the USA. Forget single-pane windows. Our windows’ high-performance, triple-paned window glass, and other energy-saving features help to minimize heat transfer, which in turn can keep the interior of your house at a comfortable temperature throughout the year without your HVAC system having to work as hard. This advantage makes them some of the most energy-efficient vinyl windows in the business.

Our top-of-the-line vinyl replacement windows can complement any home because they are available in a variety of styles, including:
Replacement Windows

For even more customization options while replacing windows, you can look at our product guide to see our selection of different window grid patterns. Whether you need single-hung or double-hung windows, we have the window style for you.  Additionally, our replacement windows are virtually maintenance-free and highly resistant to damage. They even come with the superior Lifetime Manufacturer’s Transferable Warranty, which covers glass breakage and a 5-year labor warranty on your window replacement.

Of course, vinyl windows are only as good as their installation. To ensure that our durable window styles live up to their full potential, our certified installers provide all of our customers with top-notch window replacement service and superior workmanship.

If you’d like to learn more about our Energy-Star certified windows replacement, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today for a free in-home estimate. Also, save money on window installation costs by asking about our convenient payment options for an easy payment plan to fit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Replacement windows typically “replace” the ones installed when the house was first built. Generally, replacement windows are of higher quality than builder’s grade windows.

Replacing all of your windows at once minimizes the disruption to your life and ensures that the same windows will be available for your entire project. Also, you can obtain maximum energy savings when you get rid of all of your old, leaky windows at once.

However, even though most homeowners prefer to replace all of their windows at once, it’s not essential.

It depends on the extent of the damage, but many times it is more cost-effective to replace instead of repair. For example, while some problem windows can be fixed, you might want to replace them if the glass is cold to the touch, if the windows are drafty or foggy, or if you have high energy bills.

There are two types of window replacement:

Frame-in-frame replacement (pocket window replacement) occurs when the surrounding interior and exterior trim are structurally sound. A new window is inserted, anchored, insulated, and sealed into the old frame. A cap or small trim piece is placed around the perimeter of the frame to fill the tiny gap between the old and new frames.

A full-frame window replacement describes removing the existing window down to the studs. Then, a new window is installed in the opening – followed by new insulation and trim work.

Installing new vinyl windows significantly impacts a home’s value – according to a report published by the National Association of Realtors. The report states that the increased value of the house recovers 71 percent of the project’s cost.

Vinyl replacement windows require little maintenance, last a long time, and lower your energy bills. Most studies show that the investment return for installing vinyl replacement windows is between 70 and 80 percent.

Yes, energy-efficient windows are worth purchasing – especially since heating and cooling costs have increased. Homeowners lose roughly 30% of the money they spend to heat and cool their homes when energy escapes through their windows.

Low-E stands for “Low Emittance.” Low-E glass has a microscopic coating that makes a window more thermally efficient. Low-E glass reduces the amount of ultraviolet light that can pass through the glass. It is NOT the same as tinted glass. Low-E windows, with their insulative properties, help homeowners spend less on heating and cooling costs.

Vinyl replacement windows come in many different styles, including double-hung windows, single-hung windows, casement windows, sliding windows, bay windows, bow windows, and picture windows.

Yes, replacing your windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home, make your home more secure, and increase your home’s value. Additionally, new windows can make your home more beautiful.

You should replace your windows before painting your house – especially if you change the window style or size.

Replacement windows fit into the existing frame, while new windows require the current frame to be removed and replaced.

It depends on what type of window replacement project you are completing.

Frame-in-frame replacement occurs when the surrounding interior trim stays in place during the window installation. However, during a full-frame new window installation, the interior trim is removed and replaced as a part of the project.

In most instances, vinyl replacement windows are installed from the outside. However, some circumstances may require the windows to be installed from the inside.

Vinyl replacement windows are the best for hot climates due to their durability and energy efficiency. Additionally, a double-pane window with a low-E coating on the outside will reflect the heat away from your home.

Those who live on the coast might consider hurricane impact windows.

U-Factor is a measure of heat transfer – or heat gain or loss – through the glass. In hot climates, windows should have a u-factor rating greater than or equal to 0.40.

U-Value and U-Factor refer to the same thing – the measure of heat transfer through the window’s glass. In warm climates, windows should have a u-value greater than or equal to 0.40.

The R-value is a measurement of the insulating ability of a window. If you live in a warm climate, your windows should have an R-value of 13-21.

Windows typically last about 20 years. You might consider replacing only the broken glass in your window if you have newer energy-efficient double pane windows. However, glass replacement may affect your window warranty.

There may be a tax benefit for buying energy-efficient windows. In addition, your local utility provider might also provide additional rebates and incentives.

BOGO 50% Off Windows!
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"In the 10+ years I've worked in the Window/Door business, I can honestly say you will not find a more well-rounded company from start to finish."

John J.

"The windows are amazing and the installation team was very professional and knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for any better."

L.D. Biffel

"They were on time, efficient, and worked hard. I love my new windows, the difference was immediately noticable."

Molley B.

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