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Specialty-shaped windows and uninterrupted sightlines (bring nature indoors!) will continue to be at the top of window design trends 2024. But in addition to paying attention to the design styles of new windows, homeowners want the latest windows to make their interior space more comfortable and energy efficient.

Here’s what to look for in window design trends 2024.

Interior Design Trends: Windows

Windows have always been used to add visual interest to interior spaces. Here are the modern design trends that add aesthetic appeal.

Specialty-shaped windows add visual interest to a room.

Curved shapes continue to gain momentum in interior design. But we are seeing unique shapes – such as huge arched windows that practically go to the floor and horizontal oval windows. Play with grille designs for additional visual interest.

Biophilic design will bring nature indoors.

Large windows have continued to dominate home design. Biophilic design focuses on natural light, plants, and organic materials, which promotes relaxation and gives homeowners a sense of well-being. 

Large windows aren’t always about creating spaces for plants or a yoga studio. We love the trend of surrounding a staircase with one or more walls of windows. Yes, large windows can bring the outdoors inside, but it’s also a way to add drama to the exterior design and increase curb appeal. 

Play with color.

While black windows and reclaimed wood continue to be popular for some living spaces, we are seeing more white and neutral wood colors. We are also seeing people match their wall color to that of their trim and windows to make the space seem bigger. 

bring nature indoors

Sustainable Design Trends: Windows

Yes, design aesthetics is important when selecting new windows. However, energy efficiency always stays in style. 

You’ve purchased smart home devices such as smart thermostats to increase energy savings and make your home more comfortable. However, the Department of Energy reports that heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. 

Before you discuss window designs with your local window company, ask to see Energy Star and NFRC labels.

If you want to bring more natural elements inside your home by increasing the size of your window frames, ask about low-e coatings to reduce heat loss or windows with coatings to reduce heat gain. Ask about u-factors and solar heat gain coefficient measurements as you consider design ideas. 

Interior design is more than learning how to create spaces with visual interest. It’s not always about minimalist designs or “clean lines.” It’s also about comfortable interiors that are environmentally friendly.

Woodbridge Home Solutions has many different styles of vinyl replacement windows. We can add a large picture window, specialty-shaped window, or bay or bow window as a focal point to your living room. But besides creating statement pieces, we will also enhance functionality and improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today to learn more about the latest window design trends – and how to improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

Key Takeaways About What Designers Are Saying About Current Window Design Trends 2024

  • Many designers are saying that curved, arched windows are a popular trend in window design.
  • Biophilic design continues to be on the rise. 
  • As more people are embracing smart technologies to improve their homes’ energy efficiency, they are also learning how new windows can reduce energy usage.
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