Selling your home can prompt you to remodel your home partially or completely. That said, it can sometimes be difficult to decide how much work you should do to make the property appealing enough to homebuyers while ensuring a good ROI in the end.

One dilemma you’re probably facing is whether to replace your old windows or not. In this post, Woodbridge Home Exteriors offers a few pointers on installing new windows before putting your home on the market.

To Replace Windows or Not

Window replacement can increase your home’s resale value, so it’s often a good idea to swap out your old windows. Furthermore, older windows can become an issue during the sale process, especially if your windows are already showing signs of being inoperable, drafty, or inefficient.

These things can cause a homebuyer to negotiate the price of your home or the expenses of window replacement. For example, they may request window repairs before closing or credit for replacement windows. Either way, you would still have to shell out some money. If you want to avoid such negotiations, it would be best to plan your window replacement prior to selling.

Advantages of Window Replacement

Simply put, new windows can make your home more attractive to potential homebuyers. Many buyers prefer a property where they can easily move in and where there is zero to minimal work required after closing. It’s a less stressful scenario for them, and having new windows can minimize the burden of doing improvements after purchasing.

Energy efficiency is another good reason why you should replace your windows before selling. Buyers often consider energy-efficient windows as an important feature.

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