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Imagine feeling a sigh of relief as you enter your glass panel door each evening after work and open it wide when your grandkids come for a visit. You feel secure, knowing that your deadbolt is in the locked position when you go to bed, and you make sure it is shut tight when the howling winds blow outside.

Your front door (and all of your exterior doors) welcomes you and those you love, but they are also essential to your security. A solid door isn’t simply a place to hang a wreath each holiday season, but the best exterior doors with glass panels can also make your home energy efficient.

Another important aspect of an entry door that you may have never considered is the ability to let more natural light into your home. Let’s discuss exterior doors that have glass panels. As you consider the right new door for your home, think about how adding more direct sunlight into your entryway will beautify the interior of your space.

Choosing the right type of exterior door

As you consider replacing your existing door with one that includes glass panels or sidelights, first think about the pros and cons of each type of door.

Steel doors are economical and are great options for those concerned about security. When purchasing a door made from steel for your entryway, pay attention to the gauge of steel used and how it can be reinforced to protect your home from intruders. 

front door with glass windows

Fiberglass is another popular option for durable front doors. They have the look of a wooden door but are easier to maintain. You may also consider installing a fiberglass door for extra insulation.

Wood doors can be easily customized and are great for those seeking a traditional look. Although they require a bit more maintenance, they may be the best option to consider as you replace your old door.

Adding glass panels to your exterior doors

You can purchase exterior doors with glass panels no matter what type of door you choose. Even steel doors can be designed to have a window covered by ornamental iron. 

As you consider purchasing a front door with windows, ask about the type of glass used. For example, safety glass like tempered or laminated glass minimizes the risk of breakage. Sliding glass door replacements are typically tempered glass for those same safety reasons. 

However, the type of glass used depends on where the glass panels are designed in the door. For example, those with windows in the upper half may be made with annealed glass. 

Also, consider your privacy as you add windows. Consider purchasing decorated or frosted glass for increased privacy and more energy efficiency. 

Adding sidelights or transoms to your front door

Another way to add light to your entryway is to install sidelights or transoms to your door. Sidelights are slim matching windows installed next to the front door that typically runs from the top to the bottom of the frame. A transom is a horizontal window above the door and its sidelights. 

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