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Exterior remodeling projects require thorough planning and careful selection of materials. They’re usually expensive, so correcting errors can have a significant impact on your budget. That’s why before committing to a specific style or materials, you should expose yourself to various design ideas and get as much inspiration as possible. This way, you can be more certain about how you want your home’s exterior to look.

In this article, Woodbridge Home Solutions, a local contractor offering home siding installation and other remodeling services, shares tips on where you can get inspiration for your exterior renovation project.

Social Media

The Internet is an unlimited resource for exterior design ideas. From Pinterest to Houzz, these platforms can show you a vast range of styles and looks. Save pictures of designs you like, and you can create a mood board featuring these photos.

Your Neighborhood

Drive around your neighborhood and see how other homeowners in your community have designed their homes. If you’re friends with some of them, try asking about their chosen materials. Take photos of the colors and styles that appeal to you, and pay attention to the types of roofing and windows that are common in your area. This could be a good indication of what you should get for your own home.


Visiting showrooms is also a good way to find inspiration for your exterior renovation. And since you can see the actual appearance of the products, it can make it easier for you to shortlist the best options. You can also take this opportunity to chat with a salesperson or an expert. Ask about options, customizations, prices, and other concerns that you may have.

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