Kitchens vary in terms of size and existing structural features. They do have one thing in common—windows. Apart from providing ventilation, these fixtures are crucial design elements that can provide visual interest for the entire space. A bit of creativity can go a long way in achieving this, especially if you are looking to update the look of your kitchen.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local window, and siding installation pros, shares some creative window ideas you can consider for your kitchen remodeling project.

Using Multiple Windows to Frame a Focal Point

Having multiple windows inside the kitchen can be a bit too much, but not if you use them to frame a distinctive feature. Such a technique works if you are pursuing an upgraded kitchen with a notable element like a designer range hood, commercial-grade cooking range, or industrial shelving.

Installing windows over any of these features helps create an entire focal wall that anchors the design of the whole space. It works well if the wall is accented with a special surface treatment such as a black tile. Such an idea can boost the kitchen’s appeal in an instant.

Creating a Cabinet Bridge Above the Window

Cabinetry has always been an important feature of kitchen remodels, and incorporating this element around a window establishes a custom, flawless appearance. In this scenario, hanging shelves can be placed on both sides of the window, with an additional one installed on the top part.

This design idea creates a bridge that connects the topmost shelves flanking both sides of the window. It not only mimics the curvature of the window itself but also helps form a visual feature that screams symmetry all throughout while maximizing natural light.

Decorative Sashes

Even with limited design options, a single window placed above a sink can still be eye-catching, especially if you integrate unique sashes or ornamental glasswork. This technique, which also works in windows positioned over the bathtub, creates an instant focal point in the kitchen.

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