casement window maintenance

Casement windows provide ample ventilation, views, and natural lighting. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep an eye on their condition. Vinyl window maintenance and installation specialists, Woodbridge Home Solutions, shares care and maintenance tips for casement windows.

Apply Lubrication to the Crank Mechanism

Casement windows are opened and closed using a crank mechanism set into the window frame. At some point, the crank may become more difficult to operate and thus need lubrication. There are many types of lubricants available in the market; ask your window contractor for the type of lubricant and how to apply it. If it’s still hard to operate or if you’re hearing grinding sounds, have the crank mechanism repaired.

Clean Around the Sashes

Traditional casement windows are hinged from the side. This makes it difficult to clean while indoors, particularly the exterior side close to the hinge. Modern casement windows are equipped with offset hinges, which, when opened, are easier to clean from indoors. All you need to do is reach around the gap between the sash and frame to clean it.  For upper-story casement windows, this feature also makes it safer. When shopping for replacement windows, try to see if you can reach around the window sash from the interior side.

Hard-to-Operate Window Sashes

If the casement window sash seems to be stuck or hard to operate and you’ve ascertained that the crank mechanism is not the problem, check the hinges for foreign objects like twigs, which might be blocking the operator’s arm. Warped casement window frames can also make it difficult to fully close, as the sash won’t form a tight fit with the frame. If the frame is in good condition, you can have a drop-in window replacement installed.

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