Exterior door systems, especially the main entry unit, occupy a special place in home exterior design. They’re often used as the focal point because the eye naturally gravitates toward them. The color of their frames usually gives them their personality, allowing them to either shine or fit in when needed.


With so many options to choose from, it’s all too easy to make mistakes. Woodbridge Home Solutions shares pieces of advice on choosing the color of your exterior doors:

Check the Color Wheel

Your entry or patio door may be the center of attention, but it needs to blend in with the current home exterior color palette. Don’t let your tunnel vision affect your judgment. Look at the color wheel, find out if there’s a color scheme to adhere to. For instance, a monochromatic style dictates selecting different shades of one hue.

Go the Other Way

Woodbridge Home Solutions knows that making entry and patio doors pop can pay off. A bold color will demand a lot of interest next to light neutrals without appearing overwhelming. This can be a clever strategy to draw attention away from less appealing features. If you feel your home exterior is rather characterless, injecting a punch of color can shake things up.

Match Secondary Elements

Mimicking the trim color can produce a unifying effect. This can be a good idea if two hues already divide the body of your home. The use of similar accent color for your doors and trim counterbalances the visual weight of the siding and the roof.

Think About Psychology

As with that of your windows, the color of your doors can say a lot about you. Intentional or not, its appearance sends a signal to observers, attaching certain qualities about the house and its owner. The warmth of red can signify a hospitable residence, the serenity of blue can represent peace and the cleanliness of white can symbolize simplicity.

Have Woodbridge Home Solutions on your side to help you select the color of your exterior door units. 

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