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We know how difficult it can be to pick an exterior siding color. After all, quality insulated vinyl siding comes in many shades. We don’t want to stress you out even more regarding your decision, but it’s important to note that color choice can affect one’s mood. 

Here’s some help with selecting your home’s exterior color.

Exterior Siding Color and Mood

According to the National Association of Realtors, the most popular house colors for 2023 are off-white/cream, white, light gray, light brown, and medium blue. If you will be selling your home before it is time to replace your siding, consider one of these colors. 

A neutral siding color always stays in style and gives buyers a sense of well-being.

Here are other things to consider regarding home color and mood:

  • White: White or another rich neutral evokes cleanliness and simplicity. Consider white for many different architectural styles – from modern, minimalist design to an 1880s farmhouse.
  • Blue: Blue is a popular choice for homes on the coast. It evokes a sense of calm. Darker shades of blue give a sense of stability to a house.
  • Yellow: Be careful with yellow. The perfect shade of yellow can evoke a feeling of warmth and positivity. However, finding that perfect shade might be tricky.
  • Green: Green gives a house a sense of harmony with nature. People tend to see green as a soothing color.
  • Brown: Brown represents warmth, stability, and a sense of comfort.
  • Gray: Gray has increased in popularity over the last several years. It provides an elegant, subtle look and can be used for many architectural styles. 

Choose the Right Shades

Once you have chosen the color, you must pick the right shade or tone. After all, even whites and grays have cool and warm undertones. If you select the wrong shade, your gray home may look green – or blue. Not understanding color will make it harder to select the perfect complementary color for your front door, trim, and accessories.

Also, consider how siding colors can affect your home’s energy efficiency. Cooling a dark-colored home during the summer might be more challenging because dark colors absorb heat. A light color will reflect sunlight. 

Sometimes people avoid painting smaller homes dark colors because it may cause the home to appear even smaller than it is. 

shades of color

Show Your Personality With Accent Colors

You may be yelling at your screen right now because you prefer bright, bold colors that stand out from the rest. Of course, this is your prerogative when choosing a color for your own home. However, you must realize that some homeowners’ associations only allow neutral colors. Finding a buyer with the same sense of style may also be challenging. 

Instead, consider showing your personality by painting your door an exciting shade that pops – or decorating with fun accents. 

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style and Location

Your neighborhood or town may have a unique character or style. If you live in such an area, a home painted in neutrals may not feel appropriate. Do your research to learn what colors are prevalent in your area. You might want to ask a local real estate agent for advice.

Use Online Tools to Select the Right Color and Shade

Lucky for you, there are online tools that will help you visualize siding colors on your actual home. Use this project visualizer to help you determine if blues, greens, tans, or other shades look best on your home. You can create different scenes and save them to share with others. 

Then, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions to learn more about insulated vinyl siding color options. We will also help you select a front door color that perfectly contrasts your siding. You’ll love the new look of your home!

Key Takeaways

  • Color choice is important, as different colors evoke different moods.
  • Choosing the right shade can be tricky. Be careful of subtle undertones.
  • Show your personality with pops of color on your front door or outside decor.
  • Use an online tool to pick the perfect siding color for your home.
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