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Pressure washing removes all the surface stains and gunks on your home’s exterior components. It is usually done on decks, walls, and concrete walkways. It also makes sense to do this chore on your siding, as many homeowners tend to do. Take note, however, that it must be done with the utmost care possible to prevent damage to the material.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local siding and window company, shares tips on how to properly and safely pressure-wash your home siding.

Investing in an Electric Pressure Washer

A contractor-grade electric pressure washer is all you need to clean the exterior components of your home, from your outdoor deck and fence to your siding. Many of the available models in the market provide enough pressure for general cleaning. They are easier to use, too—just plug them into the electric outlet, and you are good to go.

Such pressure washers come with quick-connect nozzles that vary in terms of the spray pattern width. They are also color-coded for easier selection. For your siding, choose white and green ones. The black one, meanwhile, can be used if you are cleaning the siding using soap. You can use it to do a quick once-over on your double-hung replacement windows.

Using the Pressure Washer the Right Way

In using the pressure washer, always point the spray nozzle downwards. Doing it with the tip pointing upwards may cause water to find its way to the gaps in your siding. Mold and rot may accumulate when moisture gets trapped and soaks the protective layer underneath the material. Take note of this important step if your existing siding is of a clapboard, tile, or shingle profile.

Equally important is the distance between yourself and the siding. Depending on the nozzle and pressure, always keep the tip about two to six inches away from the surface of the material you are cleaning. Be aware of this, especially if you have vinyl siding. Follow this, and you will prevent this particular siding material from cracks and other forms of siding damage.

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