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If your windows are drafty, difficult to operate, or an eyesore – it’s probably time to replace them. However, another way to tell it’s time for new windows is if you notice more outside noise inside your closed-up home. Noise-reduction window glass can improve your quality of life. 

Please note that we use “noise reduction windows” instead of “soundproof windows.” No windows completely block sound waves. However, some windows work better to reduce noise. 

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right window glass for soundproofing windows.

Select Noise Reduction Window Glass When Buying Replacement Windows

When buying replacement windows with the goal of sound reduction, make sure you ask a lot of questions about the glass. 

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Double Pane Windows vs. Triple Pane Windows

Single-pane windows are rarely used. However, when window shopping, you’ll notice that window manufacturers offer dual-pane windows or triple-pane windows.

A double-paned window has two layers of glass with an intervening gas or air pocket layer to better insulate a room. A triple-pane window has three layers of glass. 

A standard double-pane window has a sound transmission class (STC) rating that ranges between 26 to 28. (Higher STC numbers mean the product performs better at blocking sound.) However, a triple-pane window of the same thickness earns an STC rating of about 29.

A triple-glazed unit can also minimize heat transfer, making your home more energy efficient while reducing sound. 

Laminated Glass Panes

Laminated glass consists of two glass panes with an interlayer sandwiched in between. The inner layer creates a distinctive noise reduction benefit because it has unique vibration-dampening properties.

Laminated glass windows are also harder to break and can increase security while acting as sound-reduction windows. 

Pick the Right Company to Install Your Noise Reduction Windows

Sound needs air to travel through, so the more air-tight a window is, the better it will be to block exterior noise. 

Quality installation is vital for a soundproof window. If you have a noise problem, select a remodeling company with a stellar reputation to fit and caulk your window correctly. 

Woodbridge Home Solutions can help you block noise from coming inside your house. First, we will help you select the best noise-reducing windows from our large selection of American-made products. Then, we will install your new windows with precision.

A quieter house is less stressful and offers more privacy. It also increases your ability to sleep – and stay asleep. 

Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today to learn more about window replacement options that will help dampen noise and improve your quality of life. 

How to Block Outside Noise From Coming Into Your House

  • Increased noise inside your home could indicate that you need to replace your existing window.
  • Opt for a triple pane window as opposed to a dual or single pane window.
  • Ask about laminated glass panes to increase window soundproofing.
  • Expert installation can help create a sound barrier for your home.
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