View of home exterior with storm in the background

Spring has finally arrived, and everyone is enjoying much milder temperatures. But the arrival of spring also means that it is storm season. Strong or severe storms can wreak havoc on home doors, windows, and siding. If your home suffered damage from recent storms, Woodbridge Home Solutions can help you with repairs.

How to Know if Your Home Suffered Storm Damage

Once the weather has cleared and it’s safe to go outside, go inspect your home’s exterior. If power lines are down or you notice other electrical hazards or flooding, call 911 or your electric company for assistance. Once it’s safe, take a look around. You’ll be looking for signs of damage to your siding, windows, or doors. Sometimes it will be obvious, but some types of storm damage are not as noticeable. Here are some signs you need the professionals at Woodbridge Home Solutions to repair or replace windows, siding, and doors.

Wind Damage

High winds can cause a lot of damage to your home. Check your windows for broken panes, cracks, and holes. Window frames may be dented. Siding can be rolled up or pulled loose from the house. Door frames may be bent or damaged.

Hail Damage

It’s not difficult to see hail damage, as it can leave huge dents in your siding, roof, and window and door frames. Hail can break or shatter windows and screens. A hail storm can also dent flashing above the windows or doors.

Water Damage

Damage from hail and wind is often more noticeable than water damage. But if it’s undetected, it can cause mold to grow and cause health problems for your family. Eventually, it can compromise your home’s structure. Check your windows for moisture between the panes for signs of leaks. Check the walls and ceilings for signs of leaks. You may notice water stains or discoloration.

How to Know if You Need to Replace Windows, Siding, and Doors

If there is minimal damage, repairing doors, windows and siding may be adequate. Here are some signs you need to consider full replacements.

  • Doors or siding have large dents or dings
  • There are noticeable gaps around the door or windows
  • There is obvious water damage
  • Windows or doors become difficult to open and close

Benefits of Replacing Storm Damaged Windows, Doors, and Siding

Replacing doors, windows, and siding prevents your home from further damage. These replacements provide protection from leaks. If a single pane is broken, our window replacement experts can inspect the extent of the damage and recommend the level of restoration needed to protect your family and your home. Replacements do more than provide exterior protection. They improve your home’s energy efficiency as well as improve its appearance. With these exterior elements replaced, you’ll be ready for the next storms that roll through.  

If you do need to make replacements, you might want to consider an upgrade. We provide premium triple-pane replacement windows, insulated vinyl siding, and entry doors that help reduce your energy costs and improve your curb appeal. In most cases, when you upgrade, you also increase your home’s value. It’s definitely worth the investment.

If you are not sure whether you need to replace doors, windows, or siding, schedule a free consultation with a professional at Woodbridge Home Solutions. Call us today at (888)829-8993 to schedule your appointment.

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