Installing new siding will naturally require time. And from time to time, you may encounter some problems that can make the experience stressful.

In this article, Woodbridge Home Solutions, one of the most reputable siding companies in the area, shares some tips on how to ensure your siding project will run without a hitch.

Gather Ideas

Find inspiration for your project. With a vast selection of styles, materials and colors, it can be overwhelming to choose and ensure you’re getting the most perfect siding for your home. Browsing the Internet usually helps a lot when it comes to gathering ideas. In Pinterest and Houzz, for instance, you can look for specific design themes and create mood boards that can guide you in choosing a siding product for your home. 


Siding replacement needs careful planning especially if you’ll be doing multiple home improvement projects at the same time. Don’t forget to consider these other jobs and consult with your contractor to know if there are tasks that should be done before or after siding. Typically, window replacement is done at the same time as siding so properly coordinate this with your contractor.

Don’t forget to prepare for the cost as well. Make sure you have enough money to finance the project. Otherwise, research financing options available to you.


Ask for a written, detailed quote for your project and keep proposals in a safe place. It would also be best to have all pertinent documents, receipts and warranty cards in one folder or storage. This way, you can quickly find the papers whenever you need them.

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