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We make it our business to stay current on the latest trends in the window world, and we would like to share this information with you. While we love a lot of the stylish window design trends that are appearing on the scene, we also encourage you to consider the comfort of your home and the functionality of the windows when selecting replacement windows for your summer home.

Window Design Trends for a Summer Home

Here’s what we are seeing regarding stylish window trends for 2022.

Natural Wood Frames

wood window styles

We see more natural or “bare wood” used for doors and window trim. Natural wood works with several different styles, ranging from minimalist to modern. 

This natural wood color is even available in top-quality vinyl replacement windows. And, of course, faux wood vinyl windows are known for providing long-term durability at a great price.

Black Window Frames

black exterior window frames

We are also still seeing black exterior window frames paired with stone walls, which give off European farmhouse vibes. This pairing is less than a trend and more a timeless classic. After all, a stone-accented home gives the aura of stability – a place that will last for generations.

Circle Windows

circle windows

Add more character to your space by adding a surprising circle-shaped window. Not only will it break up the straight lines and right angles in your home’s design, but it can also add a bit of natural light to poorly-lit areas. 

Bigger Windows

oversized windows

Let the sun shine in when you purchase bigger replacement windows. This is less of a style trend and more of a lifestyle trend. As more people work from home and have fewer opportunities to spend time outdoors, they want to bring the outside into them. Thus, bigger windows are in vogue. 

Don’t be afraid to replace your picture window with floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll love the dramatic difference a larger window frame will make in your space.

Window Walls

window wall

While some are replacing their picture windows with floor-to-ceiling windows, others are replacing their French doors with window walls.

These sliding glass walls allow homeowners to meld the indoors and outdoors to create a new type of living area. Consider replacing your blank walls with views of the outdoors and letting the fresh breeze enter your home as you enjoy time with your family.

Privacy Glass

window trends

As more homeowners are renovating their master baths into home spas, they are increasing the sizes of their bathroom windows to let in more sunlight. While some homes have expansive views, others have to be more concerned about privacy issues. 

Transparent glass is one option. It can be colored or smoked. Of course, you can also select a decorative, textured, or stained glass to keep peeping eyes from looking inside. 

Let Our Summer Home Designers Select Windows That Wow

Are you ready to dramatically change your living space with exterior home remodeling? Create a comfortable place for your family and friends to gather. 

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