Hiring a home improvement contractor for a project requires diligence. For the most part, nobody’s responsible for your own protection against fraud and incompetent contractors. To separate the good companies from the bad, Woodbridge Home Solutions recommends asking these important questions:

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience is one of the drivers for window, door, soffit, fascia, and siding installation success. After all, there are many construction lessons professionals can’t learn from training sessions alone. It’s a prerequisite for the expertise and the foundation of integrity.

Don’t underestimate the number of years the business has spent in the industry. Not all contractors can manage to remain relevant and sustainable for several months, let alone decades. Younger companies deserve the opportunity to prove themselves, but older ones already have the track record to back their advertised trustworthiness.

Can You Provide Proof of Your Credentials?

Making claims is one thing; supporting them is another. Never take a contractor’s word for business unless they have the credentials to prove it. Window, door, soffit, fascia, and vinyl siding projects are faith-based work, but you shouldn’t blindly entrust them to the contractor with the best personality. Ask for verifiable evidence; all reputable home improvement companies always welcome the chance to validate their legitimacy.

Will You Pull the Necessary Permits?

Woodbridge Home Exteriors knows that unlicensed contractors wouldn’t dare apply for building permits themselves. To notify the authorities about your construction job is to request an independent evaluation of the work. Dishonest companies will want to be the last to answer to the inspector. The unfortunate part is that you will have fewer remedies to hold an unlicensed contractor liable for errors and resolve disputes amicably.

Is Disposal Part of the Contract?

The proper disposal of the old materials is as important as the flawless installation of new windows, doors, soffits, fascia boards, and siding panels. Don’t assume your contractor will handle it for you without spending extra money for the service. Ask for a detailed estimate to avoid hidden charges and read the agreement thoroughly to get this supposed contract or obligation in black and white.

Leave your home improvements to Woodbridge Home Solutions. With over 25 years of industry excellence, we have the resume to carry out your projects to your satisfaction.

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