Not all windows are made equal. Some windows are great for ventilation, while some are great for framing views. Whatever the case, the placement of windows is just as important as their function.

When placing your windows, you should take proper care to put them where they could create the best effect for the room they’re in. In other words, some windows suit a specific room more than others. In today’s post, your trusted window installer, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, shares some thoughts on this idea.

Living Room

When looking for windows for your living room, the most important factors are ventilation and natural lighting. Living room (and other communal areas like the dining room) need the most light, and ventilation can help welcome guests as well. Bay, bow, and casement windows, or a combination of them, can help the most in this regard.


Studies show that the kitchen is the busiest room in any house. This is why it’s a good idea to have windows that can draw the eye and enhance the visual appeal of the interior. Do this by placing windows over the sink; casement, double-hung, or even awning windows are perfect.

You can also enhance the room’s ventilation by installing operable windows or even exterior doors. After all, the kitchen is second only to the bathroom in terms of humidity generation.


For bathrooms, the name of the game is privacy and ventilation. Privacy, of course, because using the bathroom should be a private, personal affair, while ventilation because the bathroom is the most humid area in the home. Don’t let your bathroom store excessive humidity, as it could lead to a lot of problems that will need (expensive) correction later on. A casement window with frosted panes is excellent for this purpose.

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