Windows are built to last for many years. But with normal wear and tear and regular exposure to the elements, a decrease in performance and deterioration of the windows can be expected eventually.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, a trusted provider of replacement windows, shares some tips to help you determine if it’s time for window replacement.

How Long Do Windows Last?

Windows can last for 15 to 20 years, on average. However, it is also possible for well-maintained windows to go beyond their 20-year mark. If your windows are already approaching the 20th year, it would be best to start your preparations for window replacement.

What Are the Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows?

To help you determine if it’s time to purchase replacement windows, here are a few issues to look out for in your old windows:

1. Warping or rotting – This commonly happens in wood windows, and it can result in air leaks, flooding, and complete window failure.

2, Difficulty opening or closing windows – Windows become difficult to operate over time. They become jammed or fall closed easily.

3. Unexplained increase in energy bills – This can be due to leaky and inefficient windows. Also, check for drafts and condensation issues as these may also affect your window’s energy efficiency.

4. Storm damage – A severe storm can cause damage to your windows, especially if they are already old. Sometimes, though, the damage is not immediate but an accumulation of minor damage over the years. That said, regular window maintenance is crucial to avoid extensive window damage and to prolong a window’s life span.

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