Fascia boards cap the edge of rafters outside your home and hold the gutters in place, which are essential in roof water drainage. The fascia is usually used with a soffit or an “eave”, which is found between the board and the rafter. It has no specific use, but it gives a clean look to your house and covers unattractive rafters.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, a provider of quality windows and siding, shares the advantages of different types of fascia board materials.


Wood fascia boards are great as they are affordable, multifaceted, and water-resistant with certain finishing or treatment. You can increase its resilience when you paint over it.


This material is made of recycled wood chips and sawdust bonded with epoxy resin. It’s not as popular an option as the others on this list (thanks to its higher price tag), but it’s rot-resistant, colorfast, and durable.


Vinyl is known for its durability and easy, simple installation. Its repair and maintenance cost is lower than that of wood boards. Any discoloration on this material can be treated by spraying and wiping.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, an expert in exterior doors and fascias installation, specializes in this material. Our premium vinyl guarantees longevity because it’s rust- and rot-resistant and won’t be eaten by termites.


They are a popular choice as a direct upgrade of wood fascias in all aspects. Apart from its durability, which is a given, and aluminum fascia is flexible that it can even be used to wrap around wooden fascia boards for protection against weathering. It’s also easy to install and paint and it comes in various colors. Like vinyl siding, it’s also low-maintenance.

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