The best thing about vinyl siding is that it requires the least amount of maintenance compared to other siding materials. But it doesn’t mean that you should just ignore it altogether. As one of the leading siding companies serving the Metroplex, Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares some expert vinyl siding maintenance tips.

Tips for Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Trim the Landscaping

Quality vinyl siding is durable, but it can get unsightly scratches from surrounding plants. Trim the shrubbery and trees around the house to avoid getting scratches. Even if you have siding with molded-in colors, scratches and punctures can be visible from several feet away. Trimming overhanging tree branches is also a good practice for preventing damage to the roof.

Inspect All Siding Areas Before Cleaning

Cleaning your vinyl siding is the easiest part. For most areas, all you need is a garden hose, some mild soap, a sponge and a long-handled brush for those hard to reach areas. But before you start cleaning, look around the house and look for problem spots that may need to be pre-treated. For instance, if you find mold or other kinds of stubborn stains, treat them first with a vinegar and water solution. Spray it on these areas, wait for a few minutes, then clean as you normally would. This can also work for certain types of vinyl replacement windows.

Protect the Plants With Tarp

If you think part of your landscaping might get damaged as you clean the siding, it’s best to take precautions and cover them before you start cleaning. Any kind of clean tarp will do. You should also be cautious not to splash too much water around the plants to avoid overwatering them and to avoid water pooling around the house foundation.

Avoid Using Your Grill Near the Siding

If you are planning on having a barbecue in the yard, avoid placing it near the siding. Direct heat can warp vinyl siding, while the soot and ashes from the coal can leave unsightly stains. It can also cause discoloration, which can look obvious if you have white siding.

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