I read a very interesting article this morning, “Realtors Identify Exterior Replacement Projects as Best Investment for Homeowners” It has some really good information that all homeowners would be interested in knowing!

A couple of the main points of the article are as follows:

  1. A recent survey of Realtors found that realtors rated many exterior improvements as among the most valuable home investment projects as part of the “2011-12 Remodeling Cost versus Value Report.”
  2. According to the report, seven of the top 10 most cost-effective projects nationally in terms of value recouped are exterior replacement projects.
  3. One window replacement project — upscale vinyl — rounded out the last exterior replacement project in the top 10, expected to recoup 69.1 percent of costs.

That last number is pretty amazing! Many people believe remodeling projects aren’t worth the price—but research is telling a different story. Homeowners might want to take that last point into consideration and begin researching premium vinyl replacement windows since they could possibly recoup more than two-thirds of their costs upon resell. Plus there are the added benefits of better comfort and energy savings that a high-quality window project can bring to people who are staying in their homes longer. It’s really a win-win for homeowners.