The decision-making behind buying new windows goes beyond the window style or frame color. There are certain qualities that you have to factor in, which can affect how you will use your windows on a daily basis. Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares some of the qualities you should look for when buying replacement windows.

Energy Efficiency

With steadily increasing energy costs, energy efficiency is an important consideration. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates about 48% of an average home’s annual energy consumption is spent on space heating and air conditioning. By choosing energy-efficient replacement windows, you can potentially cut down as much as 25% of your monthly energy bill.

But how do replacement windows affect your home’s energy consumption? The windows are part of your home’s energy envelope, which also includes the attic, exterior walls, and entry doors. These components are insulated, which helps prevent heat loss during cold months, and heat gain during hot months. Windows are different because their main component, glass, is naturally conductive. Therefore, when choosing replacement windows, there should be double- or triple-panel glass – it eliminates contact between interior and exterior surfaces, minimizing conductivity. Look for the ENERGY® STAR and energy performance labels when buying new windows.

Low Maintenance

Traditional wood window frames are beautiful and durable but require frequent maintenance. The cost and effort to scrape and repaint wood windows can be a deal-breaker for many — this is where vinyl window frames come in best. Vinyl requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, and thanks to the molded-in colors, they won’t require scraping or repainting either. For easy cleaning, choose operable windows with tilt-in or removable sashes for easy indoor cleaning.

Durable Hardware

Window hardware may be a relatively small component, yet it spells the difference between smooth and secure windows and hard-to-operate or unreliable ones. Typical window hardware is made from rolled brass sheets, but you can choose window hardware made from cast brass, which is much stronger and can last longer.

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