We are just a few months away from the summer season. With rising temperatures expected during this time, your home’s cooling requirements will also increase, leading to higher energy bills. Break the cycle you find yourself in every year; consider improving your existing window units to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local window and siding installation pros share some tips on how to summer-proof your windows.

Weatherstripping Your Windows

Your windows might have considerable years in their service life, which means the existing weatherstripping is no longer sufficient in preventing air leaks. Re-seal it using any of these materials—felt, foam, vinyl, or metal. Your choice depends on how well each holds up with friction, weather, and changes in temperature.

Adding Reflective Window Film

Reflective window film is an energy-saving product that can be beneficial for you during the summer season. It helps keep your room cooler by reflecting a high proportion of the sun’s light. Apart from the cooling effect, the film also prevents fading and other forms of damage to your carpets, fabrics, and other interior furnishings.

Considering Window Treatments

Treatments for your windows are not just for making your interior look more appealing and filtering natural light entering your home. Certain types like cellular shades and shutters provide high levels of insulation for your existing units.

Pursuing a Window Replacement

Sometimes, a window replacement project is all it takes to ensure comfort and energy efficiency during the summer. Any of the previously mentioned tips may not always work, especially if your window units no longer function as intended due to their age and/or signs of disrepair. For this undertaking, you need a contractor that can assist you with selecting the right window style and installing them in your home.

Woodbridge Home Solutions offers top-of-the-line vinyl replacement windows that can complement any home. We also work on other exterior home improvements, from installing vinyl siding to replacing entry and patio doors. Call us at (972) 217-7585 if you are in Texas, (405) 252-1548 if you are in Oklahoma, or (316) 226-8011 if you are in Kansas. We serve Dallas and Arlington, TX, and Topeka, KS.


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