Each bedroom has its unique layout, design and qualities that need to be considered when installing windows in it. However, this is just one aspect of a typical window replacement project. To ensure that you’re getting the right windows for your bedroom, replacement and storm window installation expert Woodbridge Home Exteriors lists the top considerations when choosing bedroom windows.


Proper insulation is crucial to the energy efficiency and indoor comfort of your home. Without this, your window can cause heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. This can contribute to higher energy bills, as your cooling and heating systems would have to compensate for the uncomfortable temperature in your bedroom.

Sound Control

Of course, with good insulation comes a certain amount of sound control. It helps keep your interior quiet during the night when you’re sleeping as well as during the day when you need to concentrate on work or school requirements.

Natural Lighting

Ensure that your replacement windows can provide adequate natural lighting in your bedroom, which is important in regulating your circadian rhythm and saving on electricity during the day. If you’re worried that you’re getting too much sunlight and this may expose you to excessive heat and UV rays, make sure that the glass of your windows has the ability to block these things while maintaining maximum daylighting.

Building Codes

Your bedroom windows must conform to local building codes to ensure their safety and practicality. Window contractors are generally knowledgeable of these rules, and they can make sure your windows are code-compliant. However, you might want to be aware of these codes as well for your peace of mind.

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