Getting the right replacement windows can help you boost the energy efficiency of your home. And if you’re keen on going green, there are certain features that you should look for in your new windows. Woodbridge Home Exteriors lists some of the things that you should consider when choosing windows for your home.

Low-E Coating

Low-e coatings are designed to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in the summer. However, to ensure the effectiveness or optimal performance of your low-e window, the low-e coating of your window should be suitable and adequate for the climate in your region. Consult with your contractor to find the best options for your home.

Low-Conductivity Frames

The frame material can also have an impact on the energy efficiency of your window. Aluminum and steel, for example, are generally considered to have poor energy efficiency. Meanwhile, vinyl replacement windows are often recommended because of their energy efficiency. Fiberglass and wood are also good choices.

Multiple Panes

Swapping your old single-pane window for a double-pane window can reduce your heating expenses by around 15%. Triple-pane windows can perform even better, but you may only be able to enjoy the maximum benefits of triple-pane windows if you live in colder climates.

Natural Lighting

Obviously, with natural light to brighten up your home during the day, there is zero to minimal need for you to turn the lights on. This means less dependence on artificial lighting, reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Looking for a reliable window installer? Woodbridge Home Exteriors is one of the most dependable experts in the area. With over 25 years of experience in the trade, we can ensure top-notch results for your project. Call us at (806) 318-1285 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve customers in Lubbock and Dallas, TX.

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