Cleaning makes up a significant portion of window maintenance. After all, how well you clean your replacement windows can affect how well they look and perform. But just how often should you be cleaning them to get best results?

A lot of homeowners schedule window cleaning once a year, and it’s a good schedule to keep, but there is actually no recommended frequency for the task. This is because how often you should actually be cleaning your windows will depend on weather conditions, as well as general activity, in your area. 

Say you live in a city with overly dry conditions. You can expect your windows to get dirty often so you should schedule window cleaning more often than someone in a more temperate environment. If you are also located close to construction sites or if your neighbor is doing a remodel, you should also be cleaning your windows more frequently.

The Importance of Regular Window Cleaning

Dirt buildup not only takes away from your home’s aesthetic appeal but it can also result in scratches, which can give way to further accumulation. The problem is, it’s not only dirt that can accumulate on your replacement windows. Think acid rain, construction chemicals and minerals in hard water–these can weaken window glass over time, making it susceptible to damage. 

Additionally, dirty windows block natural light, keeping you from enjoying natural illumination during the day.

Is cleaning not enough to breathe new life into your windows? It may be time to start planning a window replacement project.

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